Crowhurst – Death Van (Static Reason / Placenta, 2013)

April 2, 2013

crowhurst - death van album cover
CrowhurstSeven Seconds To Live (Static Reason / Placenta)

Crowhurst is Jay Gambit’s project that has a continually revolving cast and he’s put out a ton of work, like Aidan Baker heights of prolific. Death Van, if you can look past that goofy cover art, is easily his best work to date and has someone guesting on almost every track. He magnificently weaves between blissful noise and noisy bliss, although I’m more inclined to lean towards the blissful noise. This is some supreme harshness, boiling power electronics mixed with monolithic drone, caustic industrial shredding, and lurking beneath it all, bittersweet melodies full of gloom & heartache. So much going on here and it’s all beautifully hellish and fucking relentless, songs that are nonstop from start to end, each burning its own hole in your skull, bulldozing you with crumbling walls of static & deep bone rattling bass, and somehow putting the most euphoric twist on it like the warmth in the final seconds of your life. This record is 100% awesome, and if you’ve listened to Crowhurst before and were like, “yeah, that was cool” but haven’t kept up with his output, this is the one to come back to. And if you’re altogether new to this dude, now’s the fucking time to get in on this. Vinyl & tape versions are available (the tapes come packaged in body bags) but you gotta make it happen over here.

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