Lawrence English – Lonely Women’s Club (Important, 2013)

April 23, 2013

lawrence english - lonely women's club album cover
Lawrence English – Lonely Women’s Club (Important)

This is Lawrence English at his fucking finest, just him and his Elka 30 organ billowing out the most beautiful minimal drone, with a touch of post processing to blur the edges a bit, this becomes a fucking masterpiece of warmth, the very core of life, the bright glimmer that shines even on the darkest days, reality seen through rose tinted glass, a little woozy from the booze, solemn & content, perfect sounds floating and finding their way home in my heart, infinite bliss, the best sounds you’ll hear all year. Only 500 copies from the impeccable Important. Won’t last.

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One comment on “Lawrence English – Lonely Women’s Club (Important, 2013)

  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.