Questions For Ryan Huber

May 2, 2013

ryan huber interview photo
Ryan Huber is the dude who runs Inam Records, makes gloriously devastating metal noise as Sujo, and less metal but no less awesome noise as Olekranon. He’s pretty quiet on the internet, except for his onslaught of releases that eventually show up on Bandcamp, so I’m very honored that he allowed me to ask him some questions. Also, this may or may not be the only photo of Ryan in existence.

What is the best way to die?
Accepting the end and being at peace with your life. We’re all going to get there with some regrets; appreciate the universal experience.

How do you think you’ll die?
Odds are cancer or car accident.

What makes you happy?
Being with a person who I feel connected to, making and listening to music, a shared sense of humor with someone, wine.

How can you die happy?
If I was experiencing the above when it happened; that’s probably the closest I would get to dying happy.

How close have you come to death?
Riding in a car with 7 drunks speeding down a highway at one o’clock in the morning with the lights off and hitting a deer.

What does kindness mean to you?
Doing something nice for someone not because it makes you feel good but because it is good.

Where do you find love?
Relationships, animals, music.

When were you most afraid?
Growing up when my mother would sometimes come home really late from work. She had a friend that was decapitated in a car wreck and and I couldn’t stop thinking of that when she wasn’t home at the normal time. I’m noticing a theme.

How do you listen to music?
Driving, reading, on the computer, running; it’s the one constant environmental additive in my life. Genre’s are usually seasonal. As it gets warmer, I tend to listen to older hardcore and punk. Winter is for drone. Autumn is for electronic/indie rock I guess.

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