Sequences – Transient Form (Total Black, 2013)

May 24, 2013

sequences - transient form album cover
Sequences – I (Total Black)

This dude is supremely excellent and decently prolific, so it’s kind of surprising that I haven’t written him up before. Sequences is just one guy from Belgium who works a mysterious dark drone magic, and Transient Form is his most recent tape put out by Total Black last month, two side long pieces of haunted & harrowing minimal blackness, deep amp exploding bass that sounds like the edge of a black hole, the thunder of the Four Horsemen pouring down a crumbling cliffside, the transcendent buy cialis with discover card nothing of space blotting out your entire existence, dense soaring drones shifting time to a separate reality, a bit of static crackle closing the A side and some creeped out tape concrète opening the B side, this is an incredible slab of abyssal drone, not to be missed, only 50 copies made up, so hop to it and thank me later.

Update: just got word from Sequences that the tape is sold out. You might find it at some distros but you can definitely snag the digital version.

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