Aeronaut – Your Space Transmissions Listening Kit (Fabrica, 2013)

September 25, 2013

aeronaut - your space transmissions listening kit album cover
AeronautPreflight/Launch (Fabrica)


This dude is pure fucking magic. Steve Fors’ debut as Aeronaut last year, Coronal Mass was outstanding, and his time spent in The Golden Sores has sadly continued without much fanfare. But man, Your Space Transmissions Listening Kit is all out soaring static bliss, telling the story (from the perspective of a 7 year old) of an astronaut lost in the blackness of space (perfectly timed with Cuarón’s upcoming Gravity). Four 15 minute tracks that dance with death, pushed to the edge of asphyxiating on bittersweet euphoria, staring straight into the heart of a star and filling your ears with the sound of golden perfection, moments lasting forever stuck in the vacuum of nothing, isolated dread, swirling stardust, abyss meditation, and harmonic beauty, unsure if you’re in heaven or hell, just overwhelmed by every sight & sound. Only 100 CDs of this beast were made but every one of them includes a pair of 3D glasses and some sweet anaglyph images.

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