Olan Mill – Hiraeth (Preservation, 2013)

October 17, 2013

olan mill - hiraeth album cover
Olan MillNeutrino (Preservation)


This new Olan Mill is one gorgeous fucking record. Five smooth tracks of lush pastoral beauty, blooming with otherworldly sweetness and as tender as can be. The drone comes in all forms, from resonant angelic choirs and sweeping cinematic strings, to buried sustained tones and delicate piano keys, all layered in a harmonic perfection that wrings your heart dry, empties your tear ducts, and bathes you in a sunlight you never knew existed. There’s a deep sadness, so painful that the only shred of optimism to be found is in knowing that you’re still alive to feel it. Hiraeth is a record of such heavenly warmth and bittersweet bliss, I guarantee it alone will sustain you through the upcoming winter. Vinyl & CD available, with different artwork for each (fyi that’s the LP artwork up there).

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