Sunken Cathedral – Sunken Cathedral (Black Horizons, 2013)

January 15, 2014

sunken cathedral album cover
Sunken Cathedral – Movements 1 & 2 (Black Horizons)


Ryan P. Jobes is quickly becoming a name that’s synonymous with killer records for me. So far I’ve heard this guy head up Night Worship and Cvbe Ov Falsehood, both of which are fucking excellent. Seems like everything this dude touches turns to brooding occult magick. This new project involves him playing everything you can imagine (guitar, harmonium, tape machine, violin, percussion, piano, harpsichord, etc) along with Kimberley Sutton on amplified cello/electronics and Evelyn Davis on a motherfucking pipe organ. Honestly, I was sold right there, but it’s way better than I even hoped. Two side long pieces of perfect drone broken into four movements, this thing is overwhelming, dark, and fucking huge. The drone of the Gods, this is straight up incredible, the pipe organ fuckin dominating your headspace, sucking out the breath of your soul, while the rest of the instruments join forces to create an atmosphere of runic tension, the feeling of being caught & sacrificed while spying on robed shamans worshipping unknown deities, their very presence sending you into a fit of terror while Sunken Cathedral rises up in your ears, droning black & beautiful, a monolith of otherworldly transcendence that you can’t help but hail as your one true master.

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