AGB Radio (January 20, 2014) Label Spotlight: Holodeck Records

January 21, 2014

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Second edition of the Label Spotlight on AGB Radio, this time showing off all of Holodeck’s totally bitchin catalog, heavy on the spacey synthy jams with plenty of weird shit tossed in for good measure. That Troller record is without a doubt one of my favorite things form the past few years. Still on pretty much constant rotation over here. Anyway, here’s to Holodeck’s spectacular 2 years with 20 releases. Way to fuckin go. Can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

AGB Radio 2014/01/20
/Background music/ Interludes from Troller’s Troller
Smokey Emery – Tender Mercies (from Soundtracks For Invisibility Vol. 1: Youth Burnt While Travelling)
Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Fleshwave (from Lose In Those Dunes)
Troller – Best (from Troller)
Lumens – Sweet Voice (from Lumens)
Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Time Brothers (from Time Brothers)
Amasa Gana – Side A (excerpt) (from untitled record, HD006)
M. Geddes Gengras – Air Solo (from Beyond The Curtain)
Silent Land time Machine – An Own To One’s Room (from I Am No Longer Alone With Myself And Can Only Artificially Recall The Scary And Beautiful Feeling Of Solitude EP)
S U R V I V E – cschz 02 (excerpt) (from HD009)
JU4N – Last Night In Cyberia (from Vaporware)
Sungod – Opiate Fields And The Blazing Glory (from Contackt)
Dylan C – Necropolis (from Samsara: Causes)
Dylan C – Left Behind (from Samsara: Conditions)
Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Veritas (from Dope Moons, Vol. 1)
Smokey Emery – The Lights Are Big And I’m Driving Home (from Soundtracks For Invisibility Vol. 2: You Take The High Road)
S U R V I V E – To Light Alone I Bow (from HDXV)
Good Stuff House – Untitled 6 (from Good Stuff House)
Marie Davidson – La Vallée d’Or (from Marie Davidson)
Sneaky Snake – Eventide 2 (from Eventide)
Sensum And Clunch – Strawberry Days (from Sensum And Clunch)
SSLEEPERHOLD – Dreamwaves II (from Ruleth)

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