AGB Radio (February 10, 2014)

February 11, 2014

Been really feeling that Wizard Of tape on Digitalis. Only 3 left!!!

AGB Radio 2014/02/10

/Background music/ Pinkcourtesyphone – Why Pretend – The Desire of Absence – Faulty Connections (from A Ravishment Of Mirror)
Have A Nice Life – Music Will Untune The Sky (from The Unnatural World)
Chester Hawkins – The Brood (from Semisolids)
Untitled – Untitled 10 (from Untitled 13)
Yoshi Wada – March 15 Part 2 (from Singing In Unison)
Ø – Takaisin (from Konstellaatio)
Cloud Becomes Your Hand – Bees Going Postal (from Rocks Or Cakes)
Half Makeshift – II (from Omen)
Hayden Pedigo – Mars Curiosity (from Seven Years Late)
Luciernaga – Maquinaria (from Collected Works: 2008-2013)
Blackhoods – Doomhound (from Sunk)
Helm – The Hollow Organ (from The Hollow Organ)
William Selman – Ignore The Loss Frame (from Chaîne Opératoire)
Mass Ornament – Honeyeater (from Saturn Eye)
Wizard Of – Skeleton II (from Face/Skeleton)

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