AGB Radio (February 17, 2014)

February 18, 2014

New Eluvium!!! Also, that Kerridge record is so fuckin good.

AGB Radio 2014/02/17

/Background music/ Matthew Barlow – Breathing Space (from Sun Showers)
Eluvium – Memory Print Boutique (from Catalin)
Lubomyr Melnyk – Corrosions On The Surface Of Life (from Three Solo Pieces)
Kerridge – Scare Tactics (from A Fallen Empire)
Yong Yong – Cobraz (from Greatest It’s)
Black Swan – Eden (from Tone Poetry)
David Andree & Josh Mason – Winter To Spring, Further Than First Thought (from Call, Response)
Milieu – The Space Between (from Leaves Painted Purple)
Insect Ark – Long Arms (from Long Arms)
Rabbits Foot Williams – Boll Weevil (from The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Volume 1 (1917-1927))
The Body – The Night Knows No Dawn (from I Shall Die Here)
Talk West – Dark White (from Black Coral Sprig)
Sunn O))) – Last One / Valentine’s Day (from La Reh 012)

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