AGB Radio (February 24, 2014) Birthday Edition

February 25, 2014

Since it was my birthday last week while I was preparing for this show, I decided to cull together some of my all time favorite songs. It was damn tough keeping it trimmed to 2 hours so I feel like I left a lot out, but it was still a fuckin blast for me. Hopefully you can get into it too.

AGB Radio 2014/02/24

/Background music/ Dan Friel – Ulysses (from Total Folklore)
Parts & Labor – A Great Divide (from Stay Afraid)
Salem – Redlights (from King Night)
Beyoncé РCountdown (from 4)
Mates Of State – The Re-Arranger (from Re-Arrange Us)
Sway – Summer Donna (from Songs For Your Sweetheart)
Smashing Pumpkins – The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right) (from The Aeroplane Flies High (Deluxe Edition))
Dan Deacon – Paddling Ghost (from Bromst)
Neutral Milk Hotel – Ghost (from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)
A Faulty Chromosome – Groaning Like A Grown-Up (from Craving To Be Coddled So We Feel Fake Safe)
The Field – The More That I Do (from Yesterday And Today)
Melt Banana – Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold (from Cell-Scape)
The Thermals – I Know The Pattern (from More Parts Per Million)
My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes (from Loveless)
Jacob Berendes – Japanese Penpal Girl Tattoo (from Foreign Policy)
Charlotte Daniels & Pat Webb – Nobody’s Business (from Charlotte Daniels & Pat Webb)
Windsor For The Derby – The Melody Of A Fallen Tree (from We Fight Till Death)
The Strokes – Someday (from Is This It?)
Ungdomskulen – Modern Drummer (from Cry Baby)
Lightning Bolt – Dracula Mountain (from Wonderful Rainbow)
Marnie Stern – Gimme (from Marnie Stern)
Ponytail – Late For School (from Ice Cream Spiritual)
Troller – Winter (from Troller)
Purity Ring – Fineshrine (from Shrines)
Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (from Body Talk)
The Knife – Heartbeats (from Deep Cuts)

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