Chester Hawkins – Semisolids (Intangible Arts,2014)

April 2, 2014

chester hawkins - semisolids album cover
Chester HawkinsIodine (Intangible Arts)


DC noise vet Chester Hawkins has shed his long running previous project, Blue Sausage Infant, and starts fresh with his regular name. With the new/old name comes a newish sound, so if you’re a fan of the BSI stuff you’ll still most certainly dig this, the industrial creep & wonderfully bizarre factors are still plentiful, lots of oozing synth, nauseating wobble, and piercing squelches, but also deep grooves running throughout, a heavenly hypno-buzz that’s a bit transcendent, taking cues from psychedelic krautrock and cosmic jammers, a killer retro-futuristic vibe that’s just as perfect for a horror sci-fi score as it is for freaky party times, a dark & dangerous mind eraser record. Dude definitely leveled up with the name change. Excellent fucking work.

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One comment on “Chester Hawkins – Semisolids (Intangible Arts,2014)

  1. Dear Bunnymaster: I ordered some cds from Intangible Arts and mentioned your site. Chester said he would send you some goodies in the future. Just paying it forward to you. Keep up the good work.