HolyKindOf – Stay/Sea (Eilean, 2014)

May 6, 2014

holykindof - stay sea album cover
HolyKindOfRequiem, Et Cetera (Eilean)


One of the dudes behind ambient doom shamans Zurvan and part owner of Rubber City Noise, James Bryan Parks has unveiled the debut full length of his solo project HolyKindOf and it’s a fucking glorious mess of crackle & warble drone, only 3 tracks but clocking in around 40 minutes, it’s got a ton of zippy tape fuckery and old vinyl grit alongside solid cello hum and ambient synth tones, burning like a more elaborate Basinski & Jeck collab, beautiful & melancholic, slowly breaking the fabric of your soul down into its foundational dust, and the middle track is really where Stay/Sea shines, where the drone drops deep and fully resonates in your bones, moving to transcendental sadness, knowledge of painful memories surfacing and opening up the world to a new light, heavy & heavenly, a masterful fucking record. Do not miss out on this, new(ish) project, new label, get in early, leave satisfied.

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