AGB Radio (May 19, 2014)

May 20, 2014

mutha. fucken. WOLD.

AGB Radio 2014/05/19

/Background music/ William Selman – Multiplied By Mirrors (from Equatorial Night)
Wold – Inner Space Infirmary (from Postsocial)
Ben Frost – Venter (from A U R O R A)
Prostitutes – The Bluffer (from Petit Cochon)
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed – Normal Techno Jam (from Waiting For Surfin’ Bird)
Black To Comm – Providence (from Providence)
Equal Stones – Death At Both Ends (from Transgression)
Pjusk & Sleep Orchestra – Vansunbarth (from Drowning In The Sky)
Panabrite – Fabric (from Tracer)
Klara Lewis – Muezzin (from Ett)
Flamingo Creatures – Soll Ich Ihre Mit Großem I Schreiben? Dann Sprechen Wir Damit Den Hörer An (from Hybrids Unlimited)
Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann – Alexandria (from I)
Fossil – Quinine (from Ancram)
Ryan Huber – Horus (from Horus)

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