AGB Radio (May 26, 2014)

May 27, 2014

happy belated Memorial Day yall

AGB Radio 2014/05/26

/Background music/ Bardo Pond – Here Come The Warm Jets (from Looking For Another Place)
The Fun Years – Sea The Shroud / Janice Was Into Recovery (from One Quarter Descent)
Ian William Craig – Lowest Arc Suite (from Theia And The Archive)
Oren Ambrachi – Park It Where The Sun Don’t Shine (from Stacte Karaoke)
Leyland Kirby – Twenty Seven (from We Drink To Forget The Coming Storm)
Ron Morelli – Lone Navigator (from Periscope Blues)
Aaron Martin – Sugar And Dirt (from Chapel Floor)
Sd Laika – Don’t Know (from That’s Harakiri)
Thisquietarmy – Stealth Drone (from Rebirths)
Yoshio Machida – Synthi No. 07 (from Music From The Synthi)
High Aura’d – Teeth For Sinking In (from Teeth For Sinking In)
Alvarius B. – Saz Nicotine (from If You Don’t Like It… DON’T!)
Pharmakon – Bang Bang (from Todo Muere Vol. 4)
Tom Carter & Pat Murano – Styx (from Four Infernal Rivers)

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