AGB Radio (June 16, 2014)

June 17, 2014

This episode is fuckin stacked. All killer no filler 100% awesome.

AGB Radio 2014/06/16

/Background music/ Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Pleasure Mantra Of Sorrows (from Astrorgasm From The Inner Space)
Aquarelle – Interrupted Forms II (from Interrupted Forms)
Bremen – Static Interference (from Second Launch)
Baeda – Neanderthal Man (from Feast Of Flowers And The Holy Ghost: The Youth Choose A Queen From Among The Little Children)
The Glittering Hand – Three Eyes (from Rising)
Olekranon – Blackprint where to buy cialis online safely (from Aphelion)
Greg Kelley & Jason Lescalleet – Sayonara (Pechuga Cadaver) (from Conversations)
Death Grips – Have A Sad Cum (from Niggas On The Moon)
Designer – Slowpokin (from Tour)
Magik Markers – Untitled 4 (from Let Me Die In Connecticut So God Knows Where To Find Me)
Wife – Tongue (from What’s Between)
Witchbeam – Amigos (from Mugen Vol. 8)
Dirch Blewn – Holding Breath (from A Fear Of Swimming)
Rvnes – Rest (from Rest/Relief)
Ben Vida – Part 13 (from Slipping Control)

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3 comments on “AGB Radio (June 16, 2014)

  1. marko Jun 17, 2014

    maybe you could add some timestamps to some places where one song is after another. when listening at work and not paying attention and I hear something I like, dont know who artist is

  2. antigravitybunny Jun 17, 2014

    Hey Marko, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve thought about doing that but right now it’s a bit too time intensive. Seems like there’s a decent enough desire for it (you’re not the first one to ask) so it’s probably something that’ll happen at some point. Either way, thanks for listening dude.

  3. Fred the Swede Jun 18, 2014

    Hi! Thanks for an awesome blog and radio show man. However, I also want to agree with marko´s suggestion, it would help a lot to be able to check who the artist is at the time. Cheers!