AGB Radio (August 25 ,2014) – Clarence Tribute

August 26, 2014

clarence under the desk
My bunny Clarence died this weekend. This is a tribute to him, the blackest bunny ever.

AGB Radio 2014/08/25 – Clarence Tribute

Background music: Nihill – Oerbron: Returning To The Primal Matter (from Verdonkermaan)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:53 El-Ahrairah – Following The Ancient Voice (from The Gates Of Dawn)
00:02:53 Charnel House – Once Upon A Dream (from Black Blood)
00:06:48 Dead Reptile Shrine – Through The Gleaming Darkness Into Eternity (from The Sun Of Circles And Wood)
00:11:27 Giles Corey – A Sleeping Heart (from Giles Corey)
00:14:38 Trepaneringsritualen – Deathward, To The Womb (from Deathward, To The Womb)
00:21:25 Loss – Silent And Completely Overcome (from Despond)
00:31:49 Talk break
00:32:53 Owlfood – Clutch Of Dusk’s Hand (from Destroyers Of The Moon)
00:35:31 Falls Of Rauros – To Witness Existence (from Hail Wind and Hewn Oak)
00:45:37 Jasper TX – Part III (from Black Sleep)
00:51:03 Leucosis – Euthanasia (from Leucosis)
01:01:42 Talk break
01:02:28 Loss Of Self – There Must Be Great Wisdom With Great Death (from Twelve Minutes)
01:05:30 Jakob Battick – A Silent Prayer (from Heavy The Mountains, Heavy Are The Seas)
01:13:58 Mamaleek – Lay This Body Down (from Fever Dream)
01:18:28 Ash Borer – Rest, You Are The Lightning (from Ash Borer)
01:26:10 Xasthur – Released From This Earth (from Portal Of Sorrow)
01:30:32 Talk break
01:31:20 Sadhaka – Impermanence (from Terma)
01:45:46 Seirom – I’m So Glad To Have Been A Part Of You (from And The Light Swallowed Everything)
01:51:26 Súl Ad Astral – All The Times… Forever (from Súl Ad Astral)
01:53:10 James Blackshaw – A Momentary Taste Of Being (from Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death)
01:58:25 Talk break

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One comment on “AGB Radio (August 25 ,2014) – Clarence Tribute

  1. Kent Mathews Aug 28, 2014

    Sorry for your loss. I too just lost a beloved pet and you just don’t know how much you will miss them until they are gone. Keep on going even though it has been tough on you lately. I am hoping for you.