AGB Radio (October 13, 2014) – One Year Anniversary Special

October 14, 2014

This is the 52nd episode of AGB Radio on so I celebrated by playing some of my favorite songs from previous episodes. I only took one song from each episode (I think…) but I couldn’t do a song from every episode because that’s 52 songs and I only have a 2 hour time slot so this is the cream of the crop.

AGB Radio 2014/10/13

Background music: Ninos Du Brasil – Novos Mistérios (from Novos Mistérios)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:08 Factory Floor – Turn It Up (from Factory Floor)
00:07:21 Emptyset – Order (from Recur)
00:13:45 bvdub & Loscil – Thanatos (from Erebus)
00:22:19 Raum – Blood Moon (from Event Of Your Leaving)
00:28:09 Talk break
00:29:04 Julianna Barwick – Look Into Your Own Mind (from Nepenthe)
00:33:33 Magik Markers – American Sphinx Face (from Surrender To The Fantasy)
00:40:17 Wizard Of – Skeleton II (from Face/Skeleton)
00:48:04 Blackhoods – Doomhound (from Sunk)
00:54:49 FKA Twigs – Two Weeks (from LP1)
00:58:53 Talk break
00:59:51 Tara Jane O’Neil – Bellow Below As Above (from Where Shine New Lights)
01:03:03 Ignatz & Harris Newman – I Will Bring You Buzzard Meat (from Bring You Buzzard Meat)
01:09:42 Ak’chamel, The Giver Of Illness – Head Of Acantun, Talking Stone (from Fucking With Spirits)
01:17:52 Planning For Burial – Where You Rest Your Head At Night (from Desideratum)
01:26:03 Drowse – Needing (from Songs To Sleep On)
01:29:06 Talk break
01:30:22 Peder Mannerfelt – Affricate Consonants (from Lines Describing Circles)
01:34:30 Ben Frost – Venter (from A U R O R A)
01:41:03 Emma Ruth Rundle – Savage Saint (from Some Heavy Ocean)
01:45:21 Ben Chasny – Black Sand (from Black Sand/Wedding Song single)
01:50:18 Marisa Anderson – Mojave (from Mercury)
01:52:12 Dama/Libra – The Chant (from Claw)
01:58:46 Talk break

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