Æther – Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring (Mandragoræ, 2014)

November 4, 2014

aether - tagzig olmo lung ring album cover
ÆtherStraddling Two Kingdoms (excerpt) (Mandragoræ)


All your drone needs right here, two fucking hours worth, two songs acting as a “meditation on the ultimate realisation of the the end of flesh,” although not nearly as dark and bleak as that sounds, this is more like the music of life you’d hear while in the womb, slow warm tones shifting in and out of focus, a constant flow of minimalism, major dancing tones and throbbing low end, it’s a monument to the endless cycle of life & death, the mark of peace amidst chaos, this is the religion of Drone incarnate, the Holy Mother of Transcendence, that takes the bare minimum of sound and turns it into an eye-opening otherworldly experience, an absolutely divine record, and pretty much essential for all who worship at the altar of Drone.

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2 comments on “Æther – Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring (Mandragoræ, 2014)

  1. This is really beautiful. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. sofa-king good.