AGB Radio (December 1, 2014) – Label Spotlight: Eilean Records

December 2, 2014

eilean records logo
Eilean Records is a brand new label that started this year and already has 11 (almost 12) releases out, all of them 100% amazing. Can’t get enough of this label. They’ve released some of my favorite records this year and they plan on releasing a total of 100 records, each a point on a map of an imaginary island, so we’ve got plenty of awesomeness in store.

AGB Radio 2014/12/01 – Label Spotlight: Eilean Records

Background music: HolyKindOf – Ceremonial Magnet (Part 1) (from Stay/Sea)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:11 Twincities – Evenings Wait; The Morning’s Break (from Variations For The Celesta)
00:11:04 HolyKindOf – Nocturne; In S Major mail order cialis generic (from Stay/Sea)
00:28:53 Talk break
00:30:12 Danny Clay – Untitled (from Archive)
00:43:14 Xu – Ghost Boy (from Butterfly Meets Mountain)
00:51:11 Sublamp – Bramble And Thorn (from Lianas)
01:08:19 Talk break
01:09:24 Vhr-1.7 – Meon (from Lost Angle)
01:17:11 BMRN – Shoreline Flights (from Immersion / Drift / Accretion / Shift)
01:25:07 Miguel Isaza – Oda Al Diente De León (from Uji)
01:36:10 Talk break
01:37:06 Nathan McLaughlin – Flow (from Nothing To Be Sad About)
01:40:19 Pascal Savy – Aurora (from Adrift)
01:48:11 Aaron Martin – A Figure Falls Still (from Comet’s Coma)
01:53:08 Leigh Toro – The Grand Union (from L’Espirit De L’Escalier)
01:57:51 Talk break

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