AGB Radio (February 23, 2015) – 30th Birthday Special

February 24, 2015

I turned 30! I thought I’d celebrate by playing some of the songs that have most influenced my taste in music and the paths I took to discover new sounds. This is in roughly chronological order and I only went as far as 2006 because anything later than that seemed to be missing the idea of “influential.”


AGB Radio 2015/02/23 – 30th Birthday Special

Background music: William Basinski – Disintegration Loop 4 (from Disintegration Loops III)
00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:59 Smashing Pumpkins – Starla (from Pisces Iscariot)
00:11:53 Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan (from Young Team)
00:27:58 Sigur Rós – Starálfur (from Ágætis Byrjun)
00:34:43 Talk break
00:35:46 Shellac – Squirrel Song (from 1000 Hurts)
00:38:22 Lightning Bolt – Saint Jacques (from Ride The Skies)
00:42:33 Part Chimp – Ex Ladyboy (from Chart Pimp)
00:47:30 Tyondai Braxton – Great buy 2.5mg cialis online Mass (from History That Has No Effect)
00:53:51 The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (from Give Up)
00:58:31 Talk break
00:59:48 Stars Of The Lid – Broken Harbors: Part 1 (from The Tired Sounds Of…)
01:03:19 Michael Hurley – Blue Mountain (from First Songs)
01:09:39 TV On The Radio – Liars (from Young Liars)
01:14:44 Keith Fullerton Whitman – Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (from Antithesis)
01:22:16 Victory At Sea – Love Is Ageless (from Memories Fade)
01:28:13 Big Bear – Untitled 1 (from Big Bear)
01:31:47 Talk break
01:33:14 Eluvium – New Animals From The Air (from Talk Amongst The Trees)
01:43:47 M83 – Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun (from Before The Dawn Heals Us)
01:54:20 Belong – I Never Lose. Never Really (from October Language)
01:58:57 Talk break

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