Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Liles – Burn (October Editions, 2008)

March 4, 2011

Download Burn
I reviewed this bad boy a couple years ago, had some lame things to say like “the most delicate, precise, and beautiful sounds of glass cracking ever recorded” and “an absolute masterpiece in minimal drone soundscaping.” It’s still all true. Coleclough & Liles fuckin ace it on Burn. I’m hoping most of you know their names and are already downloading this but if you’re just joining us, these guys are true masters of sound. Coleclough takes a micro-blow torch to glass panes, exuding an enormous amount of tension (and a little release), and Liles works on haunting tape loops & prepared pianos. Incredible stuff, definitely attention grabbing and pre-conception shattering. Do NOT skip this.

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