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I’m giving yall some deathly tunes to prepare yourselves for the upcoming apocalypse. Harold Camping has predicted that The Rapture is this Saturday, May 21, 2011 and who am I to disagree? He wouldn’t just make something like that up, right? I mean, The Bible guarantees it! So I figured that since I’m obviously going to HEAVEN, I should make one last mix and pack it full of killer jams that I’d be proud to listen to as I get sucked up out of my clothes.

Making this mix was insanely fun and, GOD FORBID you make it past this Saturday, I recommend making an Apocamix yourself. ‘Cause ya never know when you’re gonna need another one.

1. Silver Quintette – Sinners Crossroads
2. Sorrows – Despair
3. Giles Corey – Empty Church
4. Voltaic Omen – The Hemophiliac
5. The Body – Empty (Suiciety)
6. Monument – When I Wake Up After Thy Image, I Shall Be Satisfied
7. Bethíoch – The Great Beast
8. Eleh – Death Is Eternal Bliss
9. Life In The Dark – The Sunya Is Rising (Planning For Burial Remix)
10. Troum – Procession
11. Gareth Davis & Steve R. Smith – Birds As Passing Souls
12. Jefferson Pitcher – There Is Dying

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  1. Ashley says:

    Blastin’ this riiiight now.

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