Concert Review

Barn Owl, High Aura’d, Lussuria, Stillbirth at O’Brien’s

Stillbirth: knock down drag out techno, glitched & warped, evolving into maelstrom of chaotic noise, completely fucked

Lussuria: black sludge drone, muffled tanks roll by, crawling through a tunnel of shit, briefly poke your head out into the harmonics

High Aura’d: below deck creaking, deep sea density, sky blue soaring to the sun bliss

Barn Owl: sunbaked psych drone from the masters carving out their own spot in the canyons, ended with some heavy fuckin doom shit venturing in Skullflower territory



High Aura’d

Barn Owl

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  1. Lawdrone says:

    Awesome review! I saw Barn Owl the other night in VT. Recorded it with my phone (decent audio, low kbps) if you’d like to hear it.

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