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The Fabulous Edison Cylinder (Odyssey, 1966)

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A crazy cool album from the ’60s that took recordings previous only available on the premiere commercial medium of the late 19th century and debuted them on the hip new format, the vinyl record. All but one of these songs are from the 1910s and are primarily opera and classical pieces. They’ve got that sound that only 100 years of grit can deliver. There’s only one dude on here whose name I recognize, Leo Slezak, the rest are unbeknownst to me (for those interested/extra site hits: Blanche Arral, Alessandro Bonci, P. Asselin, Lucrezia Bori, Florencio Constantino, Marie Delna, Frieda Hempel, Carlo Albani, Mario Laurenti, and Julia Heinrich). I know this isn’t the usual AGB fare but it’s so fuckin old the archivist in me just couldn’t help it.

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    This is fantastic

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