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AGB Radio (August 18, 2014)

Started experimenting with playing more than one song at once. Fun stuff, will definitely be doing more of that in the future. Also I started playing some older tunes again. That Fricara Pacchu record is one of my favorite things to ever come out of Finland.


AGB Radio 2014/08/18

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00:00:00 Talk break
00:00:31 Death Blues – Are (from Non-Fiction)
00:17:48 Chatur Lal – 13 Bits (Jaiy Tal) (from The Drums Of India)
00:28:58 Talk break
00:29:40 Charlatan – Nightmaring (from Local Agent)
00:36:47 Ninos Du Brasil – Novos Mistérios (from Novos Mistérios)
00:47:35 Fort Rile Dog – Paul’s Friend (from Etoile)
00:51:12 Dag Rosenqvist – The Procession – Become The End (from Fall Into Fire)
01:01:41 Talk break
01:02:51 Mississippi Fred McDowell – Jim, Steam Killed Lulu (from Levee Camp Blues)
01:05:41 Matt Davignon – Strange Shapes On The Ceiling buying cialis online usa (from The 3am Music) / Church Universal And Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Dedication To The Tackling Of The Beast And Dragon – The Momentum Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (from The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults)
01:10:46 Fricara Pacchu – Return Of The Rats (from Midnight Pyre)
01:15:37 FKA Twigs – Hours (from LP1)
01:20:07 Laurence Vanay – Soleil Rouge (from Galaxies)
01:22:13 Nerve Net Noise – Blood Have Everything You Need (from Dark Garden)
01:30:14 Talk break
01:31:43 Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Tivoli By Night (from Le Mariage Collectif)
01:36:06 Badgerlore – We Are All Hopeful Farmers (from We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits)
01:44:22 Omar Khorshid – Rahbaniyat (from El Chark (Guitar Of The Orient))
01:47:14 Aidan Baker – HTBDF I (from Hypnotannenbaumdronefuzz)
01:58:51 Talk break

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