AGB Radio (November 16, 2015)

November 17, 2015

ian william craig - cradle for the wanting album cover

I almost dropped the ball on the new Ian William Craig. That would’ve been disastrous. Also, watch out for the DIS & GTT collab halfway through. It might kill ya.


AGB Radio 2015/11/16

Background music: Ensemble Economique – From The Train Window, Red Flowers On The Mountain (from Blossoms In Red)

00:00:00 Dan Friel – Life (Pt. 2) (from Life)
00:05:35 Talk break
00:06:58 Ian William Craig – Habit Worn And Wandering (from Cradle For The Wanting)
00:13:54 Cinchel – The Computer Ate My Homework (Part 1) (from Steps³ (Bonus Day))
00:24:13 Andrew Weathers And The Real Life Rock & Roll Band – The Reason Young People Use Drugs (from Omaha b/w The Reason Young People Use Drugs)
00:29:57 Talk break
00:31:54 PC Worship – Done (from Basement Hysteria)
00:41:01 Gates – A Mask Hidden In Memory (from Palace Of Mirrors)
00:51:31 The Fates – Who Am I? (from Furia)
01:00:09 Talk break
01:02:00 Arca – Mutant (from Mutant)
01:09:27 Dragged Into Sunlight & Gnaw Their Tongues – Absolver (from N.V.)
01:17:21 Panopticon – Into The North Woods (from Autumn Eternal)
01:23:37 Mary Lattimore – Luciferin Light (from Luciferin Light)
01:31:17 Talk break
01:32:31 bvdub – No Glory For The Risen (from Safety In A Number)
01:41:48 Hakobune – Yamagata (from Mizukagami)
01:50:26 Stephan Mathieu – Stasis 1 (Dallas’ Dream) (from Before Nostromo)
01:58:34 Talk break

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