AGB Radio (April 18, 2016) – Label Spotlight: Heligator Records

April 19, 2016

Heligator logo final

This label is the fucking best label. Heligator Records was founded by Ryan Hall (of Tome To The Weather Machine fame) after he was in the Peace Corps working to build a library in a refugee camp in Swaziland. The Malindza Refugee Camp Library in Mpaka is the efforts of his work, which includes over 1,200 books, electricity to stay open during the night, and a paid librarian who teaches classes in English & French. Heligator was created to help fund this library after Ryan left Swaziland. It’s primarily a digital singles label but he occasionally releases EPs or LPs as well. Most things cost $1 and every cent you pay to Heligator through Bandcamp goes straight fund the library. Like I said, the fucking best.

AGB Radio 2016/04/18 – Label Spotlight: Heligator Records

Background music: Stag Hare – Star Valley (from Star Valley)

00:00:00 Lake Mary & Nathan Wheeler – Agrimony (Porch Music) (from Agrimony (Porch Music))
00:11:09 Talk break
00:14:45 Problems That Fix Themselves – Elsie (from Elsie)
00:22:38 Kurva Choir – Love In A Mist / Devil In The Bush (from Archaea EP)
00:29:20 Talk break
00:30:02 Dura – Conduits (from Conduits)
00:40:51 Dylan Golden Aycock – Saints Of Grace (from Saints Of Grace)
00:45:03 Braeyden Jae – Switches (from Switches)
00:51:25 Landing – Traveling (from Traveling)
00:54:47 Sparkling Wide Pressure – Triangle (Swans Sticker) (from Three Shapes)
00:59:59 Talk break
01:01:08 Cloudsound – Red Apature (Bethany Octane Remission) (from II)
01:04:57 Giant Claw – Soft Channel No. 1 (from Soft Channel No. 1)
01:07:44 Creation VI – New Shore Every Time (from New Shore Every Time)
01:21:33 Andrew Tuttle – 177 (from 177)
01:25:06 Nevada Greene & Lake Mary – #swimeveryday (from From Defeat To Defeat / #swimeveryday)
01:29:41 Talk break
01:31:06 Amulets – Sierra Highs (from Sierra Highs)
01:44:05 Kyle Landstra – Carrying Out Instructions Given By The Magus (from Carrying Out Instructions Given By The Magus )
01:52:39 Benoît Pioulard – Finity (from Finity)
01:57:50 Talk break

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