AGB Radio (April 25, 2016)

April 26, 2016

andy stott - too many voices album cover

Bookended with two of the best records of the year, Julianna Barwick and Andy Stott, with some weird techno, blistering psych, and acoustic depression in the middle.


AGB Radio 2016/04/25

Background music: Tara Jane O’Neil – Medusa Smack (from Eleh / Tara Jane O’Neil split)

00:00:00 Julianna Barwick – Nebula (from Will)
00:05:31 Talk break
00:07:16 Bardo Pond – Purple (from AcidGuruPond)
00:25:00 Aaron Dilloway & Dyan Nyoukis – Untitled 2 (from Dropout Elements)
00:30:56 Talk break
00:31:40 How To Disappear Completely – Via Negativa (Endless) (from Within Without)
00:40:44 Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo – Nirgendheim (from Nerissimo)
00:46:44 Phork – Know What I’m Sayin’? (from K)
01:00:33 Talk break
01:01:46 Michael Gira – Annaline (from I Am Not This)
01:05:29 Gregory Taylor – Part II (from Sidoardjo (A Map Of The Lost City, Drawn From Memory))
01:18:14 Xiu Xiu – Love Theme Farewell (from Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks)
01:24:30 Silent Servant – Stationary (from EGR45-00003)
01:31:08 Talk break
01:32:18 Tape Loop Orchestra – Go Straight Towards The Light (from Go Straight Towards The Light Of All That You Love)
01:53:08 Andy Stott – Too Many Voices (from Too Many Voices)
01:59:11 Talk break

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