AGB Radio (May 30, 2016)

May 31, 2016

tvlpa - mountain of the opposer album cover

Thom Wasluck aka Planning For Burial started a new label called Glowing Window Recordings and the first/only two releases (Ruined & Autumn Pool) he put out are out-fucking-standing. Plus you guys really need to hear all of Ratkje’s Crepuscular Hour holy shit it’s amazing.


AGB Radio 2016/05/30

Background music: Linear Movement – Don’t Try To Trick Me (from The Linear Way)

00:00:00 Ruined – Some Years Don’t Matter (from Hunter’s Premonition)
00:08:34 Talk break
00:09:34 Autumn Pool – July In Gossamers (from An Ardent Memory)
00:20:16 Harry Bertoia – Phosphorescence buy cialis online using paypal (from Sonambient: Recordings Of Harry Bertoia)
00:32:59 Talk break
00:34:09 Ignatz – Eulogy Example (from The Drain)
00:36:14 Brian Case – DCIN (from Tense Nature)
00:39:35 Tauusk – Ridges (from Ridges)
00:59:28 Talk break
01:00:15 Marissa Nadler – Divers Of The Dust (from Strangers)
01:02:58 Maja S. K. Ratkje – Crepuscular Hour Part 2 (from Crepuscular Hour)
01:25:35 Talk break
01:26:47 Tvlpa – The Becoming I (from Mountain Of The Opposer)
01:34:23 Ionophore – Infantman (from Sinter Pools)
01:38:55 Jon Mueller – What I Thought You Said (from Tongues)
01:58:32 Talk break

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