AGB Radio (July 18, 2016)

July 19, 2016



Kinda can’t believe I haven’t played anything from the Second Woman record on this show yet I mean what the hell is wrong with me. Also, that Natural Snow Buildings release is 6 discs long and free, so the very next thing you should do after listening to this episode is go download that.


AGB Radio 2016/07/18

Background music: Sonic Youth – Ambient Guitar & Dreamy Theme (from Spinhead Sessions 1986)

00:00:00 Second Woman – 500609sp3 (from Second Woman)
00:06:06 Talk break
00:07:46 MJ Guider – Evencylce (from Precious Systems)
00:17:52 Corum – Emerald Rays Into Deepwater Horizon (from Coastal Vudutronic Voyage
00:31:09 Talk break
00:32:02 Natural Snow Buildings – The Drowned Church (from Aldebaran)
00:49:16 René Margraff – We Are Shrinking, We Are Shrinking (from Four Pieces In The Key Of Panic)
01:01:23 Talk break
01:02:38 Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Interlude (from Affinity)
01:19:01 Crowhurst – Dried Blood And Old Earth (from II)
01:32:28 Talk break
01:33:09 Heinali – Lest The Snow Smother Us (from And Night Is A Flash)
01:44:47 My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri – La Corteccia Urticante (from Blind Tarots)
01:49:02 Andrew Weathers – Valley Of The Dry Bones (from North Fork Of The Jump)
01:58:41 Talk break

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