I picked up the Churchill record about a month ago not knowing how appropriate his WWII-era speeches would be this past week or two.

Air date: August 16, 2017

Background music: Panicsville – Murdered Radio Wizard (from Imperfection Of The Organism)

00:00:00 Little Walter – Too Late (from Thunderbird)
00:02:45 Talk break
00:06:02 Moss – I Saw Them That Night (from Horrible Night)
00:16:54 Various Bulgarian artists – Side A1.1-A1.7 (from The Columbia World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music, Vol. XVII: Bulgaria)
00:17:57 Nicholas Szczepanik – Nostalgia / Over Your Dead Body / Long Gone (excerpt) (from We Make Life Sad)
00:29:46 Talk break
00:34:48 William Cody Watson – Untitled, In 6 Movements (from Bill Murray)
00:35:45 Winston Churchill – A1-A6.3 (from The Voice Of Winston Churchill)
00:56:05 Celestial Bloodshed – Spiraculum Mortis (from Ω)
01:02:16 Talk break
01:05:52 Svarte Greiner – Black Tie (from Black Tie)
01:06:55 Pope Paul VI – Side B (from The First Papal Mass In America)
01:25:00 Terence Hannum – Supreme Sacrilege (from Impiety)
01:28:00 Jim Nollman – Cello & Wolf Pack No. 1 / Vihuela – Cello And Pack (from Playing Music With Animals: Interspecies Communication Of Jim Nollman With 300 Turkeys, 12 Wolves And 20 Orcas)
01:30:56 Talk break
01:34:11 Mountains – The Whale Years (from Mountains Mountains Mountains)
01:35:22 Unknown Serrehule musicians – Dung N Kaheng (from African Flutes (Gambia))
01:39:49 Raymond Scott – Ohio Bell Mystery (from Three Willow Park (Electronic Music from Inner Space 1961–1971))
01:41:31 Giorgio Moroder – The Apartment (from American Gigolo Soundtrack)
01:44:00 John Pfeiffer – Forests (excerpt) (from Electronomusic – 9 Images)
01:48:40 Elizabeth Cotten – Look And Live, My Brother (from Elizabeth Cotten Vol. 2: Shake Sugaree)
01:52:30 Vukari – Her Bones Rattle In The Wind / A Hollow Promise (from Matriarch)
01:58:40 Talk break
02:01:51 The Kingsmen – To Be Alive (from One People)

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