Not a whole lot of mixing going on here but still a whole lot of mixed up tunes with some pretty sweet transitions imo.

Air date: November 14, 2018

Background music: Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek – Dio-o-day (from Drawn)

00:00:00 Mr. Montgomery – I’ve Been Down (from I’m In A Strange Town: Blues & Gospel 1927-1967)
00:03:58 Talk break
00:06:30 Paysage D’Hiver – Eishalle (from Die Festung)
00:13:42 Ebenezer Baptist Church – Opening 23rd Psalm / Come Home, Come Home (from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Funeral Services, Ebenezer Baptist Church, April 9, 1968)
00:21:01 Lacing – Wound (from Bummer)
00:25:04 Suni Paz – E Doce Morrer No Mar (from Earth And Ocean Songs)
00:28:42 Talk break
00:32:55 Daughters – Satan In The Wait (from You Won’t Get What You Want)
00:39:57 Ian William Craig – Some Absolute Means (from Thresholder)
00:44:50 Shirley Collins – Awake Awake / The Split Ash Tree / May Carol / Southover (from Lodestar)
00:55:48 Talk break
00:59:54 William Basinski & Lawrence English – Selva Obscura (from Selva Obscura)
01:02:22 Blue’s Out Of Body Experience / Enfield Poltergeist Recordings / Doretta Johnson’s Account Of Haunting / Michael Esposito – The Yellow Jackets Last Stand Of 1811 / Sally Ann McIntyre – Collected Huia Notations (Like Shells On The Shore When The Sea Of Living Memory Has Receded) (from Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings And Compositions, 1901-2017)
01:19:38 Efrim Manuel Manuck – Black Flags Ov Thee Holy Sonne (from Pissing Stars)
01:28:42 Talk break
00:32:42 GGUW – Untitled (from Behauptungsanimalität)
01:43:27 Marisa Anderson – Lament (from Cloud Corner)
00:47:37 Radio Tehran – Tatilat (from A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Soundtrack)
01:53:01 Hailu Mergia And Dahlak Band – Anchin Kifu Ayinkash (from Wede Harer Guzo)
01:58:25 Talk break
02:00:21 Sam Hinton – The Bent County Bachelor (from Frontiers)

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