Had a lot of fun with this one. Starting around the half hour mark, everything is pretty much layered on top of each other for a smooth continuous mix (sans talk breaks).

Air date: November 21, 2018

Background music: SRSQ – Mixed Tide (from Unreality)

00:00:00 Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, & N. Roy Clifton – The Blackhawk Waltz (from Old Time Couple Dances)
00:02:32 Talk break
00:07:05 Sumac – Ecstasy Of Unbecoming (from Love In Shadow)
00:23:45 Delma Lachney – Cher Ami Ma Vie Est Ruini (Dear Friend My Life Is Ruined) (from On The Waters Edge)
00:26:35 Taos Pueblo Singers – Untitled (B1) (from Round Dance Songs Of Taos Pueblo, Volume One)
00:29:40 Talk break
00:33:41 István Láng – Musica Funebre Per Orchestra (Gyászzene Zenekarra / Funeral Music For Orchestra) (from Laudate Hominem Cantata / Chamber Cantata / Musica Funebre / Monodia Per Clarinetto Solo / Quartetto D’archi No. 2)
00:34:20 Alessandro Cortini & Lawrence English – Parts 1-3 (from Immediate Horizon)
00:47:11 Jozef Van Wisser & Jim Jarmusch – Flowing Light Of The Godhead (from The Mystery Of Heaven)
00:58:08 Talk break
01:00:17 Cultes Des Ghoules – The Serenity Of Nothingness (from Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths)
01:10:30 Locrian – Ring Road (from Territories)
01:14:00 Deep Voices / Deep Breathing (from Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record)
01:19:13 Florian Fricke – Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins (from Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins)
01:32:37 Talk break
01:35:20 Usnea – Chaoskampf (from Usnea)
01:37:17 Peter Marshall – Trial By Fire (from Peter Marshall Speaks)
01:48:22 Final – Stop At Red (from Reading All The Right Signals Wrong)
01:58:54 Talk break
02:00:32 Leroy Ervin – Blue, Black, & Evil (from Texas Blues)

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