concentration camp horrors album cover
Holy hell that break was too long. Sorry about that. Anyway, lots of good stuff in this episode. Especially fond of the debut Clavicvla record on Sentient Ruin.
Air date: January 23, 2019

Background music: Neptune – Black Tide (from Gong Lake)

00:00:00 Bruce Licher – Mesopotamia (from Open Strings)
00:04:21 Talk break
00:08:33 Clavicvla – Belzeebut Invocat / MA (from Sermons)
00:28:13 Trepaneringsritualen – A Cold Cell (from A Knife In Sound)
00:32:42 Talk break
00:35:08 Karlheinz Stockhausen – Prozession Part 1 (from Prozession)
00:38:22 BBC Radio Newsreel Overseas Service, May 5, 1945 (from Concentration Camp Horrors)
01:02:08 Carlos Casas – In Search Of Nikolai Fedorov: Triune God (from Pyramid Of Skulls)
01:02:23 Talk break
01:05:48 Cevdet Erek – Kirast / Walnut Interlude / Dicycles (from Davul)
01:24:29 Tanbouri Ibrahim Bey Adham – Taxim Hidjaz (from Open Strings)
01:28:24 Talk break
01:30:50 Sleep – Antarcticans Thawed (from The Sciences)
01:45:07 Lea Bertucci – Resonance Shapes (from Resonance Shapes)
01:46:51 Tasos Stamou – Rizitiko / A Dance (from Musique Con Crète)
01:58:05 Talk break
01:59:52 Sir Richard Bishop – Olive Oasis (from Open Strings)

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