New Astronoid!!! Also that stretch of Vincent Price reading Shelley’s “Adonais” poem alongside the last Aeoga record is just too fucking good.
Air date: February 6, 2019

Background music: James Ginzburg – Light, Times – A River (from Six Correlations)

00:00:00 George Stoneham – Sweet Boy’s Tune (from Clawhammer Banjo)
00:01:30 Talk break
00:04:25 Astronoid – Lost (from Astronoid)
00:10:40 Bill Comeau & Carmel Signa – For The Young Lovers (from Fragments From An Unknown Gospel)
00:11:31 Eleh – Wear Patterns (from Caterina Barbieri / Eleh Split)
00:25:35 Talk break
00:29:00 Unknown Darashe musicians – Syncopated Panpipes (from Staring Into The Sun)
00:36:51 The Arrows – The Ghost Story (from Devil’s Angels Soundtrack)
00:39:11 Reverend Ian Mitchell & Caroline Mitchell – Three Men Died / Faithful Cross (from Funeral Folk Mass)
00:40:31 Kali Malone – Cast Of Mind (from Cast Of Mind)
00:53:22 Stanley Holloway – With Her Head Tucked Under Her Arm (from The World Of Stanley Holloway)
00:57:17 Talk break
01:00:35 Portrayal Of Guilt – Daymare (from Let Pain Be Your Guide)
01:06:47 Kimio Eto – Kensetsu No Hibiki (from Koto Master)
01:09:20 Vincent Price reading Percy Bysshe Shelley – Adonais (from Poems Of Shelley)
01:22:30 Aeoga – Obsidian Towering / Outer Observatory / The Sublime Canvas (from Obsidian Outlander)
01:39:27 Talk break
01:42:10 Krallice & Dave Edwardson – Etemenaki (from Loum)
01:50:33 Joseph Spence – Bimini Gal (from Folk Guitar, Bahaman Ballads, & Rhyming Spirituals)
01:56:46 Talk break
01:58:28 John Roberts – Out On The Rolling Sea (from Folk Guitar, Bahaman Ballads, & Rhyming Spirituals)

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