Not sure why Dead To A Dying World isn’t on top of the world yet. Or why I haven’t heard anyone talk about the Alanis Obomsawin reissue from Constellation. That record is fucking phenomenal.
Air date: June 5, 2019

Background music: Ucc Harlo – Lyricist Of Panic (from United)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:04:14 Monarch – Lilith (from Never Forever)
00:24:07 Lonnie Johnson – Lonesome Ghost Blues (from Woke Up This Morning Blues In My Fingers (Original Recordings 1927-1932))
00:27:17 Talk break
00:31:08 Alanis Obomsawin – Of The Earth And The Sea / Théo / Nzi Waldam (from Bush Lady)
00:48:44 Mahlathini – Kumnandi Emgababa (from The Lion Of Soweto)
00:51:46 Benny Thomasson – Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down (from Country Fiddling From The Big State)
00:55:14 Alfred Apaka – My Isle Of Golden Dreams (from My Isle Of Golden Dreams)
00:57:35 Talk break
01:01:06 Arktau Eos – Side B (from VI: Catacomb Resonator)
01:03:45 Side B (excerpt) (from Marches, Songs, Speeches Nazi Germany – WW II Hitler’s Inferno – Vol. 2)
01:18:38 Nathan Bowles – The Road Reversed (from Plainly Mistaken)
01:29:06 Talk break
01:31:18 Dead To A Dying World – Of Moss And Stone (from Elegy)
01:46:53 Jason Urick – Don’t Digital (from I Love You)
01:57:33 Talk break

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