China's Instrumental Heritage album cover
Played Nixon’s resignation speech and pretended I was actually listening to the current president. One can dream.
Air date: June 12, 2019

Background music: Fis – Mildew Swoosh (from Preparations)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:47 Arkhtinn – Side A (from 最初の災害)
00:24:28 Dock Boggs – Pretty Polly (from RBF 654)
00:27:31 Talk break
00:32:44 Eluvium – Untitled Music For A Record Player (from Pianoworks)
00:42:00 Richard Nixon – President Nixon Resignation (from Resignation Of A President – August 8, 1974)
00:45:56 Black To Comm – The Courtesan Jigokudayū Sees Herself As A Skeleton In The Mirror Of Hell (from Seven Horses For Seven Kings)
00:56:00 Sarah Davachi – Waking (from Gave In Rest)
00:58:44 Talk break
01:01:30 Jon Mueller & James Plotkin – Subvocal (from Terminal Velocity)
01:03:00 Unknown musicians – End Of The Tarhib / Invocation of the Divine Name / The Sacred Dance (Al-Hadrah – The Presence) (from Islamic Liturgy)
01:15:00 Tony Aless & His Quartet, narrated by Rosemary Rice – Abdomen / Neck & Throat / Hips & Thighs (from Good Housekeeping’s Plan For Reducing The Sporting Way)
01:21:28 One Master – A Cursed And Dismal Mind (from Reclusive Blasphemy)
01:30:15 Talk break
01:33:48 A.S.M. – Gem (from Fantasy Boyfriend)
01:37:43 Drowse – Internal World (from Light Mirror)
01:43:38 Professor Liang Tsai-Ping & His Group – The Farewell (from China’s Instrumental Heritage)
01:46:29 Major Franklin – Forked Deer (from Texas Fiddle Favorites)
01:48:24 Sarah Louise – Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars (from Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars)
01:56:56 Talk break

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