Going from Oliveros/Klucevsek to RAI with Gundella spanning the gap sounds pretty fucking good. And Margalit’s whisper chant is creepy/cool as hell. I highly recommend Kirkegaard’s new one on Important where his instruments are different sized metal sheets.
Air date: August 21, 2019

Background music: Matchess – The Fog (from The Rafter)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:03:14 Se Lusiferin Kannel – Auringon Valtakunta (from Valtakunta)
00:22:28 George Spangler & Thornton Regular Baptist Church Congregation – Why Must I Wear This Shroud? (from The Gospel Ship: Baptist Hymns & White Spirituals From The Southern Mountains)
00:27:28 Talk break
00:31:14 Jakob Kirkegaard – Black Square 100 (from Black Metal Square)
00:33:00 Ursula K. LeGuin – Gwilan’s Harp (from Gwilan’s Harp & Intracom)
00:47:31 Unknown Java musicians – Gending Anglirmendung (from Java: Music Of Mystical Enchantment)
01:05:24 Talk break
01:07:33 Vale – Grief Undone (from Burden Of Sight)
01:14:37 Dorsey Dixon – Wreck On The Highway (from Babies In The Mill)
01:17:45 Margalit – Deheh-Deh (The Whispering Beggar) (from Travel With Me My Dove And Listen To Me: Songs Of The Middle East)
01:20:40 Inter Arma – Stillness (from Sulphur English)
01:29:43 Talk break
01:32:52 Pauline Oliveros & Guy Klucevsek – The Tuning Meditation (from Sounding / Way)
01:34:25 Gundella – Gundella Tells You How To Cast A Spell (from Gundella: The Hour Of The Witch)
01:52:30 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Decay Waves (from Solastalgia)
02:00:08 Talk break

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