I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone mention the new Il’Ithil record, it’s Blake Green’s (Wolvserpent) solo project which I’d never heard of before. It’s incredible. Also, I am so so in love with both Sarah Gunning’s and Nimrod Workman’s voices. Workman’s song here is just pure despair and it pours out of every word. Also, I think it was kind of funny to play music made from vibrators alongside some dude talking to boys about puberty.
Air date: October 2, 2019

Background music: Holly Herndon – Terminal (from Movement)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:04:50 Il’Ithil – Father Protect Her From Evil (from On This Day We Were Reborn In A Shroud Of Light And Shadow)
00:19:53 Peggy Seeger – Nine Month Blues (from Penelope Isn’t Waiting Anymore)
00:24:15 Ayllu Sulca – Condorkunka (from Music Of The Incas)
00:29:10 Talk break
00:32:40 Harry Bertoia – Experimental I (from Experimental I / Mechanical I)
00:34:00 Ladji Camara – Koma (from Africa, New York)
00:47:25 Blarf – I Worship Satan (from Cease & Desist)
00:59:58 Talk break
01:03:10 Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky – A Poem In Cycles And Bells (from A Poem In Cycles And Bells & Other Music For Tape Recorder)
01;04:14 Donald E. Bowlus – Side B (from What It Means To Grow Up: A Boy’s Introduction To The Physical Changes Of Adolescence)
01:18:00 Extended Organ – Vibe (from Vibe)
00:22:50 Peter E. Tevis & Kelly Jean Peters – Sibe B (excerpt) (from The Complete Cockatiel Training Album)
00:33:18 Talk break
01:36:23 Bog Body – Through The Burial Bog (from Through The Burial Bog)
01:45:40 Hazel Dickens – Cold Blooded Murder / Sarah Gunning – Come All You Coal Miners / Nimrod Workman – Both Lungs Is Broke Down (from Come All You Coal Miners)
01:53:15 Tomás Pavón – Martinete Y Debla / Soleares De Serneta (from Early Cante Flamenco, Vol. 1: Great And Rare Recordings 1934-1939)
01:59:12 Talk break

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