New Mizmor! Hum reissue! New Impavida! Claire M. Singer reissue! A tuba/drum duo I’d never heard of before!

Air date: October 16, 2019

Background music: Cocteau Twins – Persephone (from Treasure)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:02:47 Clouds Collide – Infinite Purgatory (from They Don’t Sleep Anymore)
00:15:08 Korean Jeans – Ballot (from No Trust)
00:16:30 Side B (excerpt) (from The Groupies)
00:30:10 Talk break
00:33:23 Balachander & Sivaraman – Ihaparamenum (from Sangeeta Madras: Magic Music From South India)
00:34:45 Matthew Sullivan – Pigeon (from Matthew)
00:56:28 Rev. F. McGhee – Nothing To Do In Hell (from Negro Religious Music Volume 3: Singing Preachers And Their Congregations)
00:59:45 Talk break
01:02:38 Mizmor – Cairn To Suicide (from Cairn)
01:15:08 Claire M. Singer – Solas (from Trian (Recent Works))
01:17:00 Side C (excerpt) (from River On A Rampage)
01:25:37 Hum – Ms. Lazarus (from Downward Is Heavenward)
01:29:15 Talk break
01:33:11 Hum – The Scientists (from Downward Is Heavenward)
01:38:33 Impavida – The First Flame Initiates The Cleansing Of Putrid Terrestrial Spirits (from Antipode)
01:54:47 Elizabeth Knight & John Abbott – Sobotenka (from Folk Songs From Czechoslovakia)
01:59:58 Talk break

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