lewlewal de podor - yiilo jaam album cover
Some especially nice pairings in this episode, including RST’s drone & Haitian ritual music, Curran’s Canti Illuminati alongside some Indian ragas, and Truman Capote reading over Primitive Man’s dark ambient doom. Also, I hope next year is the year of Profetus. They fuckin deserve it.
Air date: December 4, 2019

Background music: Millie & Andrea – Back Down (from Drop The Vowels)

00:00:00 Talk break
Profetus – Tiarnia (from The Sadness Of Time Passing)
RST – Ultimate Immaterial / Sun Downers (from RST)
Unknown Haitian musicians – Side A (from Divine Horsemen: The Voodoo Gods Of Haiti)
00:29:55 Talk break
Hazel Dickens & Alice Foster – A Tiny Broken Heart (from Won’t You Come & Sing For Me)
Sri Swami Rama (Sri Manmohanpahari & Sri Satish Kumar / Sri Satish Kumar & Sri Vinod Kumar) – Gunghat Ke Pat Khol / Raga Saraswati (from Temple Music And Chants)
Alvin Curran – Canti Illuminati (For Choir, Synthesizer, Piano, And Tape) (from Canti Illuminati)
01:02:13 Talk break
HWWAUOCH – Not Anything (from Into The Labyrinth Of Consciousness)
Lewlewal De Podor – Diaraby (from Yiilo Jaam)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Adios, Florida (from The Undivided Five)
01:27:57 Talk break
Primitive Man – Fear (from Steel Casket)
Truman Capote – Part II (from Children On Their Birthdays)
The Kessinger Brothers – Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down (from Clark And Luches)
01:58:00 Talk break

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