funeral dance in the mountains album cover
Watch out. That third set with Johanna Hedva, The Besnard Lakes, and Divide And Dissolve is fuckin monstrous.

Background music: Dylan Golden Aycock – Scratch The Chisel (from Church Of Level Track)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:41 Eyeless In Gaza – The Protagonist (from Act I: The Protagonist)
00:22:03 Brethren Of The Free Spirit – The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb (from The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb)
00:30:43 Talk break
00:32:13 The Body – A Lament (from I’ve Seen All I Need To See)
00:38:10 Jon Mueller – Welcome (from Family Secret)
00:41:08 Indricothere & Geryon – One Hundred Thousand Years (from Timelined Exterior)
00:45:27 Walantaka Village, Java – Debus (from Funeral Dance In The Mountains: Rural Percussion (& Vocal) Ethnographic Recordings From Southeast Asia)
01:01:49 Jackie McDowell – Throat (from Color + Sound)
01:06:13 Talk break
01:09:27 Johanna Hedva – 2 Coins (Tears Are What God Uses To Lubricate Its Big Machine Of Nothing) (from Black Moon Lilith In Pisces In The 4th House)
01:18:32 The Besnard Lakes – Our Heads, Our Hearts On Fire Again (from The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings)
01:24:59 Divide And Dissolve – Denial (from Gas Lit)
01:32:36 Talk break
01:35:01 Of Thread & Mist – Grace And Truth Perish (from Static Hymns To No One)
01:37:05 Margaret Walker – Epitaph for My Father (from The Poetry Of Margaret Walker)
01:53:22 J.P. Nyangira – Hongo Owiti (from Bellyachers, Listen: Songs From East Africa, 1938-46)
01:56:44 Talk break

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