This is the first episode in a long time with no black metal. The only metal is some massive doom. But there’s also some wind harp drone, weirdo Japanese disco, the Inanga queen, the new solo acoustic master Yasmin Williams, and some snapshots of the civil rights movement.

Background music: Jack Rose – Calais To Dover (from Kensington Blues)

00:00:00 Talk break
00:01:52 Pantheist – Don’t Mourn (from O Solitude)
00:15:51 Yasmin Williams – After the Storm (from Urban Driftwood)
00:16:17 Indian Bottom Association – The Meaning of Singing (Spoken) (from Old Regular Baptists: Lined-Out Hymnody From Southeastern Kentucky)
00:21:24 M. Caye Castagnetto – Mi Mentira (from Leap Second)
00:25:52 Heather Leigh – Death Switch (from Glory Days)
00:28:39 Talk break
00:31:57 Hellvete – Voor Harmonium III (from Voor Harmonium)
00:32:03 Daphne Oram & Frederick Bradnum – Private Dreams And Public Nightmares (from Private Dreams And Public Nightmares)
00:51:10 Perfect Mother – Dark-Disco-Da-Da-Da-Run (from Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds Of Japan 1980–1988)
00:54:!7 The Montgomery Express – Gotta Make a Comeback (from The Montgomery Movement)
00:58:25 Sophie Nzayisenga – Story of Nyangezi (from Queen Of Inanga: Music From Rwanda)
01:06:14 Talk break
01:08:30 Gavilán Rayna Russom – A Place For Us Among The Ruins (For Alyson) (from Secret Passage)
01:09:36 Etta & Cora Baker – Jaybird March (from Black Banjo Songsters Of North Carolina And Virginia)
01:14:30 Ralph Abernathy – Ralph Abernathy speaking (from Lest We Forget, Vol. 2: Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 – Mass Meeting)
01:22:19 Cassandra Jenkins – The Ramble (from An Overview On Phenomenal Nature)
01:29:21 Talk break
01:31:33 Samothrace – A Horse of Our Own (from Reverence To Stone)
01:51:58 Sverre Larssen – Nordavinden I (from Wind Harp Recordings (1976-1977))
01:52:55 The Moving Star Hall Singers – Lay Down Body (from Been In The Storm So Long – Spirituals & Shouts, Children’s Game Songs, And Folktales)
01:56:38 Demonstrators At March – Freedom Now Chant (from Freedom Songs: Selma, Alabama)
01:59:46 The Nashville Quartet – Your Dog Loves My Dog (from Sing For Freedom: The Story Of The Civil Rights Movement Through Its Songs)
01:05:09 Two Gospel Keys – I Don’t Want To Go Down There – Part 2 (from Country Gospel: The Post War Years (1946-1953))
02:08:03 Talk break

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