November 8, 2010

Yoshimi Battles The Massive Radicchio

DucktailsWelcome Home (I’m Back)

Let me welcome you to the brand new home of Anti-Gravity Bunny. Gone is the Blogger bullshit. This is mine. I own it. I’m making it as awesome as I want and I’m starting off with a picture of my tiny bunny destroying a massive head of radicchio. There’s some symbolism there but I’m too lazy to figure out what it means.

This new site is infinitely sexier, while being 100% easier to use and a zillion times less cluttered. Let me give you a brief tour.

The “Album Reviews” and stuff on the right are links to those categories, and each category has an icon. I won’t be saying things like “Haiku Review” or “Video” in the post title anymore, it’ll just be indicated by the icon next to the title. The “Venue Info” is a list of Boston area venues, promoters, forums, etc. All the places where you can get the rundown on what’s happening around Boston. The “Artist” and other drop down menus are just another easy way to browse the site if you’re looking for certain topics. A list of my blog pals, as well as where I buy & download order cialis in south africa music, can be found on the “About” page.

I’m not going to have all of the previous posts from Blogger moved over here. I would die before I got them all reformatted to look decent. So I just put the most recent post from each category up so you can have a little something to browse and see what everything will be like. If you ever want to reminisce about an old review or you changed your mind and really want to download that Milieu mp3, you need to go to the old Blogger site.

Then there’s the concert calendar. It’s the one piece that isn’t totally finished. You can use it to find shows and everything, I’m still updating it, it just looks like ass right now and I’m not entirely sure how to change that. So the concert calendar will be a work in progress.

So please, dance around, have some fun, check (and test) shit out. I’m curious as to how everybody likes it (and if everything works ok). Feel free to comment or e-mail letting me know how fucking great it is.

Onto the future!

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3 comments on “HI!

  1. it looks great!

  2. vourtsis Nov 8, 2010

    love it!

  3. Carter Nov 8, 2010

    This new site design is quite appealing! I like it more both functionally and visually than the old Blogger site.