AGB Radio 11/9

November 9, 2010

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I planned ahead with this one. Made a playlist and everything. The only problem I have with that is not being able to fade songs in and out on the spot. Not sure I can get into that… I’m trying to get back in the swing of not sounding like a total loser when I talk on the air. It’s harder than I thought. So, don’t mind all of the stupid shit I ramble on about. Just enjoy this like a massive mixtape.

Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio 11/9
Squarepusher – Abstract Lover
Blue Water White Death – Nerd Future
Solo Andata – Myrmecia
Barn Owl – Ancestral Star
Braden J & The Family – Lately
Rambutan – Yellow Screen
Sway – Leigh Cheri
White Noise – The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell
Peter Broderick – Awaken/Panic/Restraint
Nurse With Wound & Larsen – Cob-Kite Toy
Muslimgauze – Apricot Zoom Buddha
Philip Jeck – The Pilot (Among Our Shoals)
Steven Fors – One
The Charlotte Hornets – Pants
Children’s Children – the ground and sky
Sunken – Pint
Dog Hallucination – (untitled) track 9
Brian Eno – Slow Ice, Old Moon
Max Tundra – Which Song
Sun City Girls – Blue West
Zanzibar Snails – Vainly Clutching (at Feng Shui)
Felix & Volcano! – You’re Nobody Till Somebody Writes A Wikipedia Article About You
Numbers – Fly On The Window
Apollo Vermouth – Florida II
Avgrunden – The Gate Of A Hundred Sorrows
Taylor Deupree – Haze It May Be

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2 comments on “AGB Radio 11/9

  1. Bron ze Nov 9, 2010


  2. RogerRabbit Nov 10, 2010

    Sun City Girls for the win!