Chuck Tailore – Have You Ever Been Hit By A Car? (Música Pop Desempregada, 2010)

November 19, 2010

Chuck TailoreMullet Love

Worked ’till 3am and I’m going back in at 3pm, so I don’t have time to dick around. I came home and this was in my inbox. I listened to it for, like, 5 minutes and decided it was good enough for a quick post. Plus, it’s free which means you can (and should) have it right now.

The album is electronic, chill, & kinda weird with lots of beats. It’s good. Just take my word and go for it. Both the band and the label are Portuguese, so there’s that. And the label has some sort of fixation on Courier/Courier New. And they have 10 other releases that you can download. And I am very tired so I’m going to sleep now.

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