Padna – The Delaware Water Gap EP (Peasant Magik, 2010)

January 25, 2011


Note: I got a massive batch of 15 tapes from Peasant Magik. I debated on either giving a few of them the regular full blown review treatment or doing the burst shot quick & dirty reviews to get through as many as possible. I chose the latter. So this is one in a slew of short portraits of some of the newest Peasant Magik releases.
Padna is Nat Hawkins, also a maker as Christian Science Minotaur and the dude who runs Little Fury Things. Love this guy ’cause I see his name and think of pandas. :) Seriously beautiful processed smoothly glitched drone, especially the side long “Delaware Intro.” Moves slowly, stretches and wraps over itself like taffy. The meat of the tape is mostly blissy stars sparkling in the daytime sky, trickling water running down sheets of satin and rumble synths chugging on the midnight train. Some vocals peek in halfway through the B side and seem way out of place at first but sound damn good after you get settled. He even slides into a plucked guitar & harmonica groove that sounds like a slightly folkier Windy & Carl. It’s not quite perfection, but it’s what perfection looks like in a sunny summer field.

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