Pink Priest – And I Watched The Ivy Cover Your House (Peasant Magik, 2010)

January 26, 2011

Pink PriestSide A

Note: I got a massive batch of 15 tapes from Peasant Magik. I debated on either giving a few of them the regular full blown review treatment or doing the burst shot quick & dirty reviews to get through as many as possible. I chose the latter. So this is one in a slew of short portraits of some of the newest Peasant Magik releases.
This is celestial drone from the high heavens. Cotton delicacies floating amid mountaintops, puffs of clouds drip enlightenment, this is what goes through monks’ minds as they meditate on pure universal peace. It’s the kind of New Age waterfall ambience that you hope a thousand hopes is what’s on that hideous 25 cent thrift store tape. Quiet yet wholly immersive, ripples form underneath euphoric synths soaring through galaxies evolved into stardust. Put this on and sleep forever with dreams of absolute bliss.

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One comment on “Pink Priest – And I Watched The Ivy Cover Your House (Peasant Magik, 2010)

  1. tonite, this is exactly what i wanted.

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