The Farm (Droll Yankees, 1979)

February 11, 2011

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This. Is hilarious. The A side has an old geezer, who occasionally doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, having a conversation with a young farm owner from Vermont, Charles Dana, about all of the animals wandering around the farm. The dialog is SO awkward. The old guy asks the most obvious questions and says things like, “Well, I see you have a cat here” and “What’s that thing out in the barn there bawling like a lamb?” (answer: goat). He’s basically the worst person to just shoot the shit with. And the farmer sounds like he’d rather die than explain what the animals are up to.

Of course, while this whole conversation is going on, there’s all sorts of animal sounds. So not only are two guys uncomfortably chatting about farm life but they’re surrounded by peeping chicks, cows, horses, pigs, turkeys, and some other guy calling the sheep & cows from the fields. They went for the ultimate in realism over here. It’s like you’re actually ON A FARM. Except they clearly recorded all of the animals separately and tried to string it together with a single conversation afterwards. “Oh, look what’s here. Pigs!” Yeah, good segue there buddy.

The B side is the exact same as the A side, except it’s just the animals. The interview is gone and you’re left with a strange array of farm sounds. In other words, way less entertaining. Clearly the meat of this album is listening to these two dudes talking about the automatic milking of cows and the problems of raccoons.

Droll Yankees looks like an amazing label. They put out a bunch of records like this, all with great album art, but about all sorts of things. Grave diggers, tug boats, bird songs, all aspected of New England life they tried to document. Some guy got kind of obsessed with the label for a bit and did a fair amount of research and independent cataloging, picking up as many copies as he could find. Definitely a worthwhile little page he has set up. Hope it helps me find some more Droll Yankees records.

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6 comments on “The Farm (Droll Yankees, 1979)

  1. treakiepop Feb 11, 2011

    Love it! Yeah thats the ‘ coon hound………………. what do you call it -a ‘coon hound? yeah :)

  2. found a few of those fifteen years ago, LOVE EM. many classic peace, loving tracks come from em… we have “birds on a may morning” “sounds of the forest” “deep sea fisherman” check out

  3. ps the blog looks GREAT

  4. Awesome, thanks for uploading this. I saw a copy of “Birds on a May Morning” up at Todd’s Farm in Rowley yesterday and got curious. Speaking of New England spoken vinyl weirdness, here’s two dudes from Ipswich playing Maine lobstermen:

  5. joanne Feb 18, 2014

    just a bit of insider info (it was my grandfather who made these records); this lp was the first time natural sounds had been recorded in the wild like that. also, the deadpan delivery-style is classic maine and new hampshire “humor”, which is to say it takes some getting used to.

  6. Fielder Blank Nov 9, 2021

    Seeing this a long time after you posted it, but so glad it’s here! It was Foam who introduced me to this label just last year – pretty amazing. Thanks for posting!